Friday, December 10, 2010

Awesome Awareness Video – Message Well Delivered!

Street accidents in Maldives are rising day by day, concerning serious injuries and even in most cases death. I’ve seen a couple of awareness videos’ on local TV channels trying to deliver the message “Speed thrills but also kills”. These videos are for a good cause but the concepts and message is not executed well. This simple “Embrace Life” awareness video I found on YouTube executed the message well. The video was simple and very interesting to watch. Maybe someone should come up with something interesting like this. But yes, just making a video want stop these stupid careless accidents.


  1. Yeah ...
    Saw videos on youtube ... they are really good ...
    I think the local videos are too limited, too few and and infrequently shown ... They rate very low on awareness ...
    But I guess we have to start somewhere ...
    One has gotta appreciate the effort ... ;)

  2. @SubCorpus I agree with you. One has gotta appreciate the effort and it's all for a good cause. My point is, they try to make the whole thing too complicated. Why not make something simple as this and deliver the's pretty easy on the eye and interesting to watch :)


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