Sunday, December 5, 2010

Do you have a custom online about me page? is a custom splash screen with personal analytics dashboard and it’s still in private beta. In spite of this they’re sending out invites daily. You can get lucky and reserve your name (e.g You can also add links to your Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc profiles to it.

Here’s my profile page – It’s free and pretty cool so thought I’d share this. Anyways I’ll need to do a little more profile customization when I have time. You can reserve your name here.


  1. Yeah ... is cool ...
    I saw this when kevin rose tweeted it out (i think he is an investor/advisor) ... i tweeted it out as well :)
    Anyways ... haven't got an invite yet :(

  2. @SubCorpus I got the invite a couple of weeks back i guess. lucky me haha :)


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