Saturday, December 11, 2010

What good do a Website does for a Company?

I get this question a lot – what good do a website does for a company? I wouldn’t hang back to say it’s as important as having a company phone line. It’s obvious that there are numerous advantages for your business to be visible online. Having a professionally developed website makes your company stand out its competition and can also act as an online hub to distribute information about your products and services and display your portfolio 24/7 to anywhere in the world.

You can also improve your company's marketing strategies. Because your website displays and distributes everything you have to offer, placing your company's web address on everything that comes into contact with your target clients is a great way to improve your marketing. Here are some simple practices used by successful organizations. Use your company web address on:
  • Promotional items such as Pens, Calendars, Key Chains, etc.
  • On letterheads, Sales receipts, Printed Advertisements
  • Company on hold phone systems or email signature line.
  • Social Media such as Facebook and twitter.

Your website is a multimedia sales tool which can be used to directly interact with clients online. How about an online shop? You can also provide application forms, media kits, company policies and news updates. The advantages and things you can do are endless. 

So I believe it’s better to ask yourself “why the heck haven’t I thought of having a company website?” and get started with it.


  1. Your reason for the having a company website are good ... but i like your conclusion the best ... hehe ...


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